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Revive Your Old Couch

In many cases, your old couch can still do so for a whole lot longer — you just have to breath a bit more life into it. Let your old couch becomes a colorful statement piece, turn it into something incredible and morden.

Make Your Home Look Stylish on a Budget

Find your old couch's looking boring and want to buy a new one? Hold on ! 
Revive Couch Cover save you money by extending the life of your couch and make your old couch appear brand new, becomes a bright and cheerful living room centrepiece.

Perfect Fit 

Strong elasticity fabric will help keep your slipcover in place and give a semi-custom fit.  Fit for most types of sofas or couches. 

Designed and Ready-made to Fit Different Type of Couch

What's more ? 

  • Extend the lifetime of your couch 
  • A Simple way to live more Eco-friendly
  • Well against spills, pets fur, stains
  • Comfortable, Durable and Long Lasting


Will It Fit My Couch ? 

Couch Revival are designed and ready-made to fit any couch, but to give you the best fit for your couch please use these guidelines:

Product Size Guide

90-140cm/35"-55": For one seater couch

145-185cm/57"-72": For two or one seater couch

190-230cm/74"-90": For three or two seater couch

235-300cm/92"-118": For four or three seater couch


How To Take Correct Measurements ?

For Single Couch : 
Make sure you measure from the edge of the arm rests if present, like in the diagram below, from A to A

  • A to A = 36-55 inches (90cm to 140cm), please order one "1-Seater Cover".
  • A to A = 57-73 inches (145cm-185cm), please order one "2-Seater Cover".
  • A to A = 74-95 inches (190cm-230cm), please order one "3-Seater Cover".
  • A to A = 95-118 inches (235cm to 300cm), please order one "4-Seater Cover".
For L-Shape Couch / Sectional Couch :
Start by measuring each section of your sofa as seen in the diagram below,
from A to A, B to B & C to C :

Once you know the width between A - A and B - B / C - C , you can choose the size accordingly for your couch.

NOTE: L-shape or U-shaped sectional couch requires 2 or 3 sofa covers. 


Packaging: 235-310cm
Material: Polyester / Cotton

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